Friday, January 25, 2008


Monday, January 21, 2008

Unpretty day!


Let go, and let God.

Tuesday is my off day and I suddenly remembered half-priced waffles at Gelare after school. Nobody's free to go for half-priced waffles anymoreeee.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I've been eating alot alot these days it's bad! :XXX Haha nobody bothers about this space anymore which is why I'm gna do all the nitty gritty here :D The week's been pretty smooth-sailing I guess except for many blonde moments that I myself can't explain o.o I saw the first quarrel that happened too and it was quite bad because there were tears and raised voices and everything. Like the clash between the consultants and the customer service officers. It's quite sad because sometimes the consultants are under constant pressure to raise sales and when they cannot keep their emotions in check that's it. Sometime in the middle of the week I met Zhiyang during my break and we went to eat dessert! And from then on I got to know the food being sold around my place better (which explains the eating alot part). Breaks have been so much of buying takeaways because Denise is on MC and we cant go for breaks together anymore. Oh I've been venturing in the realms of makeup but apparently not getting much better and I've been assured that I'll be equipped with the necessary skillzzz by the time I end work. Oh today I spent my night the most unexpected way. I was supposed to have dinner with Zhiyang after work but I ended up having it with Reuben instead (I HAD to return his ipod vid) and then spent the rest of the night walking around Raffles Place and Clarke Quay! I brought him to my workplace! Because he insisted on going to his supposed future workplace but then we got lost and ended up touring the sleazy nightspots. Okay more like him taking me around. Some woman tried to ask him to go up to some sleazy place to sing karaoke and drink HAHA. Then it was free cab home woooo. So here I am blogging again before I lose the chance to even be in sync with the blogosphere. Everyone at work's been asking about results and where I want to go and everything and it's reminding me of Alevel results over and over again. Tsk but oh well work first worry about the rest later!! I think I effectively spent my $200 already and now I'm just waiting for my next off day and CNY to get ample rest hahaha. Okay I'm going off I'm on morning shift tmr! (: Bye.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yesterday night was good (: Nothing beats spending time with churchies, especially when it's yyxz, it's true. I had fun singing, especially the reach out to jesus song with tying hahaha. It sounded so much like the blues! Plus all the guitar strumming and everything, wah the bomb. And then on the way home there was this mass singing of all the xing guang da dao songs it's like the fever thing now. So the whole night I was just singing random songs and the brother(s) thought I was emo-ing my night away. It's just that it's been so long since I last sang so much in the night to the skies and everything. Haha okay sounds so wondrous. Anyhow I am thankful for the amount of human interaction after so long, with people who were once so familiar (quite). Thankful, thankful. Thankful how the night of singing hymns set my heart at ease, especially when I was fretting after seeing Liangying's message about baptism. Thankful how He's been seeing me through each day of work despite me having not come to Him for such a long time already. He looks out for us, He really does.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hi darlings! To those who care, days've been good. Work's kept me busy and I've been quite happy at work thanks to my happywappy colleagues and everyone's been taking good care of me because I'm like a kid to them and the boys told me they will protect me HAHA. Andandand I bought the Sarah Jessica Parker Covet perfume because I tried the sample and it smells so good. Because I bought it out of my own pocket I gotta go collect that damned good progress award to make up for the $$ gone from my bank account. Aiyo omg I'm addicted to the xing guang da dao thing all because I was watching it with the remaining few consultants one night on youtube when I was supposed to photocopy schedules. Okay bye I'm off to watch tv and then go sleep already hope everybody's fine! The last thing I want to happen to me now is to be fired hahaha. Okay bye this is such a redundant entry.